Thursday, March 19, 2009

Travel update

Okay right now, I am not in the best emotional state as I am going on night two of snorathon 2009. This snoring defies any description. ironically, i never got ear plugs today so I wouldn't embarass my Pop, and now i am ridiculing him all over the internet. How big of a douche am i? It is just that he is trying so hard. He even got some crazy anti-snore mouth spray before he came out here. Bless his heart, I hope he didn't pay much for it.

Anyway, our trip is going great so far. Probably won't update this much the rest of the week, but I am tweeting quite often.

Until next time, your bleary-eyed friend in Montana,



Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Back when I was about 13, my family went on a vacation... one morning my parents woke up and I was nowhere to be found. Eventually they discovered that I was in the bathroom - in the tub - with headphones blasting in my ears & bloodshot eyes. It was because of my dad's snoring.

Get the ear plugs. He wont mind! In the hunting section at walmart they have these really soft squishy ones that wont hurt when you lay down on them.

Good luck!

Nick said...

ipod...put your ipod in and tell him you listen to music when you sleep...

If that does not work...take your pillow...walk carefully over to careful not to wake him (it is a lot harder to do what I am going to ask when they are awake). quiet and walk over and put the pillow directly over his...

Never mind..I do not think you are ready. A couple more months at New Beginnings and you would be ready.

Have a good trip.

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