Monday, March 30, 2009

a smattering

what life is like today:
  • first things first, my blog looks like a piece of garbage.  i have been working on a new layout, but for now, it will remain garbage.  
  • lately i can't get enough of two things:  roast beef sandwiches and kettle chips.  more specifically, the sea salt and cracked pepper kettle chips.  they are so good.  wait, i can't properly explain to you, they are so good.  (putting them directly on the sandwich seems to be more efficient, and a timesaver, frankly).  
  • it has been dreamlike and weird being back in columbia.  i have driven around with all the windows down, and the sunroofs open the last couple of days.  yesterday i went down to the river, and it was beautiful.  today i drove around near our house and looked at familiar places i haven't seen in a long time (old churches, places we used to play, baseball fields we spent summers at watching the boys).  
  • i have a very important/exciting job interview at 8am on thursday.  progress!  thanks, Jesus.
  • sonic happy hour=good.
  • eagerly awaiting cowan baby news!
  • i found out my semi-okay full mattresses got thrown out.  geeze.  starting from scratch.
  • beulah loves her family.  a ton.
  • vitamin D is awesome.  
  • true confession:  today i went to a big field to throw the ball for beu, i left the keys in the car, and let the music play at full volume, and sort of danced around (i'm telling you, this sunshine makes you do crazy things).  i was about 10 minutes into my dance party when i realized a new development had been built right behind me, and someone's kitchen window was looking directly out to where i was making a fool of myself.  
so--if you need a soundtrack for your own embarrassing dance party, or you know, just something to listen to while you eat your roast beef/kettle chip sandwich, here's what i am listening to:

oxford coma-- vampire weekend 

come on, listen to it.  (jessi, i am looking at you.)

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