Thursday, March 26, 2009

i am still here

quick update:

my dad, beulah, and i arrived home to columbia safely on sunday night.  after a quick stop by the park, we headed to my parent's house.  jared was in town to shoot a wedding, so after some convincing, beulah and i hopped back in the car for another three hours, and made our way down to savannah.  

i have been down here for a few days.  it has been both a great week, and a hard week.  

i still have not found a job, and had a little bit of a breakdown last night.  just feeling like i am at everyone's mercy, and like people are doing me all of these favors and i hate it. 

but!  it will get better.  and i think taking a shower in a couple of seconds is really going to make this day seem a lot brighter.  

if you think of it, i could really use your prayers.  i really need a job.  thanks guys, will check in again soon!


Nick said...

Heck yeah that shower will more crappy water!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Hey Beulah! From one "excited pee-er" to another, Minky, the border collie, says hello!

Just saw your comment on PW's site while waiting for her to answer more questions during live chat and got such a kick out of it.

If you want to drop by my place, scroll down about a week or so and you'll see a post from Minky and lots of pics. Thought you might enjoy it as a border lover. Aren't they the BEST??!!!!

Blessings! :)

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