Sunday, March 15, 2009


i am laying here in bed, switching channels like it's my job.  currently stopped on the sopranos.  i'm at a bit of a standstill.  there is much to be done, but i can't really start packing up the car, until i go pick up the rental car.  i have vacuumed 3 times already.  maybe i'll dust?  

i don't know where i am going to live.  i can't really stay at my parent's house for any amount of time because their dog would eat beulah whole, one quick gulp.  so that leaves jared's place in savannah, but they're finishing school and planning a wedding, so that doesn't really feel like an option.  let's not even talk about jobs.  i get actively upset when i start talking about this.  

even though i get so riled up and fearful about walking into total dependency, i know that i will be provided for.  

let's talk about Glory.  yesterday was Glory's first birthday.  hard to believe, right?  i had about four different projects going for her, and i have finished none of them.  not so hard to believe.  but let me just say this, no matter when i get married and have kids, sweet Glor will always be the first baby that i watched grow.  i have only missed a handful of the days in her life so far, and i love her and her brother more than just about anything.  so Glory, happy birthday sweet girl.  it has been a joy watching you turn more and more into yourself with every day that passes.  and even though we won't be living in the same house anymore, you can always know that you have a godmother who thinks you are the greatest thing on earth.  

happy birthday, gloriana!

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