Friday, August 21, 2009

happy birthday to my sister

this is maria the first time i met her (after she and jared were dating--this picture is from the weekend i came down to meet her as jared's girlfriend). i met her that one other time at metro coffee house, and wondered to myself who exactly this maria thomas was, and if my brother loved her. turns out he did.

tomorrow you'll be 22. weird that i didn't know you four years ago, and now you're my sister and best friend.

on your birthday i want you to know, that i couldn't have dreamed up a better person to marry my brother. ever ever. you have a big heart (and regular sized hands), and i learn a lot from who you are. thanks for being my partner in crime in this new life here in charlotte.


  • thanks for helping me out with the babies more times than i can count.
  • i love our sunday mornings, going to starbucks (when we can afford it, french press when we can't) together after jared has gone super early to work.
  • you love beulah even though you're allergic, and you pretend like it doesn't bother you even when you're sneezing.
  • you're a GREAT wife to jare.
  • thanks for taking the time to know me and love me well.

happy birthday maria!!! i hope it is a great day, and maybe they won't call you in to work!


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i don't have a sister, but i can imagine it's one of the most special relationships you can have!
happy birthday to sis too!

Maria said...

okay, it wouldn't let me post this earlier, but you're really great. thanks for loving me so well. love you!

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