Friday, August 14, 2009

fantasy five year plan

i am currently sitting on the couch with the kids (i think they've graduated from 'babies', they're BIG). we're watching flo rida on the today show, because, you know, i like to keep them educated on all things hip hop. not really, but i am trying to keep them from hitting a wall, for there shall be no morning nap.

so here we sit.

this morning on the way in to work, i was thinking about what i want the next five years to look like. it's easy to live day to day, and not think about the long term. but i am really trying to get my finances together, and hope to take a class on finances this fall. but my lofty, five year goal, is to buy a house.

yesterday i was looking at farms for sale, and i had fun envisioning how i would change it, and make it amazing.

[time out for the actual biggest fit in history, deep breath, and continue].

so here's my latest find:

100 year old farmhouse, about 45 minutes north of charlotte. it's on a little over 5 acres.

look! it has a canning shed behind the house.

part of the pasture and there's a barn out there, too.

there are pictures from inside the house that i'll have to show you another time. but anyway, there's another house to dream about. you guys can pray for me in that area, that i will really get things in order and grow up when it comes to saving and being wise about finances. i am making a turn around. a big one. so maybe this won't always be a fantasy.

love you, and i hope you have a great weekend. for now, here's what i'm doing right now:

started out fine,

there it is



excuse me

they both joined in..

happppy friday!

i love these nuts.

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