Monday, August 17, 2009

to my friend

(this, my friend, i'm sorry to say, is the only picture of the two of us on my computer taken on the morning after your slumber party last year)

dear jessi,

remember when i lived with you? in that yellow house? oh yeah, me too.

there are a lot of things i could write about you as a friend. people see the wisdom that is evident in your actions, and the love that is freely given to those around you (both far and near). that's easy to see. people admire the confidence with which you and nick walk this road you're walking, not because you have it all figured out, but because you don't.

i love all those things about you, yes. but here's what i want to talk about on your birthday. my favorite non-important, non-life-altering moments from living with you.
  • how much you wanted to be in/plan faythe and jimmy's wedding
  • you holding my cell phone ransom
  • ice cream nights
  • fights about LOST
  • taking the girls to see baby mama, and you being so excited to drive. by yourself.
  • your to-do list for me while y'all were in the carolinas.
  • when we first started spinning class.
  • any time we cooked something (your bday cake last year, thanksgiving, etc.)
  • your interpretation of the 'so you think you can dance' dance from last season. and yes, it is still on my computer.
  • anytime we'd have to be a team and go regulate with one of the girls (too soon? still too raw?)
  • remember when i had to go to a certain girl's baby shower by myself. have we ever talked about how awful that one really was?
  • you leaving a pregnancy test on my night stand while my parents were visiting.
  • anytime one of those freaking cats would get in the house, and you would run around trying to corrall them.
  • you puking on middle school volunteers (not on, i guess)
  • ANY interview we did with potential girls (britney, me and faythe walking in in our pajamas)
  • the morning after your birthday slumber party last year, playing trivial pursuit in the dungeon with you, nick, thadd and marilee. and the babies of course.
  • lunch times with the connollys (amy's meals)
  • trying to sneak in the musick's garage to get some diet coke
  • bomb threat at h&m
  • absolutely any time we talked about pregnancy questions during the weekly meetings.
part of me feels like i'm forgetting a lot of funny moments from the year, and the other part thinks maybe there weren't a whole ton of hilarious moments. BUT, i would not have lasted through it without you.

i hope you have a wonderful day today, I LOVVVVVEEEE YOU.


Jessi said...

reading that was on the top of my list for fun things this year. I had forgotten about soooo much of that! agh!

the sytycd dance? agh. love it.
the pregnancy test, too much.
and two words, lots of laughs forever & ever:

it's not too soon.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Awe, you two are so awesome.

wight people said... gotta go back and do it again! (great, now I've lost you both as friends!)

I love the friendship you two share.

And I really really miss you, Lauren.

And...really sweet writing. Gifted girl.

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