Tuesday, August 04, 2009

no direction

i'm starting this post with no clear direction, or anything specific to share with you. jared recently informed me that blogs are 'out'. since then, i've had a hard time thinking of things to write about. it made me self-conscious.

it's just another tuesday around here, and i just ate one handful too many of animal crackers. why are those things so good? all lemony and awesome. dipped in milk, even better.

this week has been full of transition, my favorite roommate/person moved out on saturday. i knew it was coming, but geeze, living on my own hit me like a ton of bricks. when you have good roommates it's a really nice thing. so the last few days have consisted of a lot of rummaging, trying to find things to fill up the house. i was able to make it liveable, and dare i say, kind of cute with found items around the house.

my first visitor, and new friend, laci, is coming over tonight to watch tv, and hang out. so that's good.

the kids are napping right now, and the very last scene of the sopranos is on a&e right now. gosh, so frustrating. i was just like everyone else when that first aired, i totally thought my dvr had messed up and cut off the ending. but no, that was it.

what else?

not sure how august got here? though, in some ways it is really hard to believe i've only been in charlotte 4 months. 4 more months and it's the holidays. i had that realization today, which sent me searching for christmas cabins.

also, i have sent out emails and talked to anyone who would possibly read this blog about needing roommates. unless you're a lurker, in which case, i need a roommate. if you know of anyone in charlotte who needs a place until the end of december, please let me know! and if you know of someone really cool, then i'll definitely be needing someone to live with more long term than that. the rental i'm in now will just be through december though. so if you know of anyone, leave me a comment.

update on my farmers market project: i have not forgotten. i took this week off, because i didn't make a meal plan, and didn't want to just get helter-skelter produce. but, i'll be updating with pictures after this weekend.

on a similar subject, has anyone seen 'food, inc.' yet?

i figured this is one i'll have to go see by myself. looks really good though, huh?

annnnnyway, i think that is a pretty good wrap up of life right now.

love love love.


Jessi said...

I like Jared Hogan a lot except for when he makes dumb comments about things that are cool & not cool. Trying to do the cool things is about the uncoolest thing I've ever heard of. Blog on, listen to "horrible" sell-out music if you like it. I love you Jare, but this isn't high school or the book 1984. Something is cool when you love it, not when everyone else does:)

Jessi said...

aaaand that sounded much snarkier than normal for me:) But I do love Jared a lot. I think that was me subconsciously future-rebuking Elias and Benjamin for telling Glory she isn't cool.

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