Monday, February 23, 2009


well, i have to be honest.  i wasn't really able to watch the oscars in the way that i usually do, and have done since i was, ohhh 8.  so i did not even do my own homework assignment, though i did notice several occurrences of each of the items listed.  

not much to report today.  oh, well i guess i never talked about getting bitten in the face by a dog this weekend.  ha.  i guess i should mention that.  nothing too serious at all, just a nice little slice on my jawline.  it was a 'kindly' old dog from down the street who is deaf and old as dirt.  he was routing through our trash, and i knew he had to be lost, as he was about a quarter of a mile from home, and looks like he can barely walk.  that's right, i got taken by a geriatric dog.  i grabbed a leash and went outside to walk him back home.  i went about the process pretty slowly, just so he wouldn't be scared.  and after a few minutes, i bent over to attach the leash, and that's when he got me.  several quick snaps, and one connected.  i actually kept on walking him for a second, and then touched my face and realized it was bleeding.  i unhooked the leash, and went inside.

after a quick trip to urgent care, everything is fine.  and i'm quite thankful that after years of picking up flea-ridden animals that this is the first time this has happened.  and also very thankful that old yeller (yes, that was his name), was a BLESSED inch or two away from snagging the lip ring.  

(dry heave).  


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Oh my goodness. I'm so glad you are ok! I had a chow chase me when I was a kid and I jumped up on a car to get away from it. It scarred me for life. I am so scared of big scary dogs. It doesn't sounds like 'Old Yeller' was big and scary though. My husbands parents have an old, almost blind Australian Shepherd and he's nipped at me several times. They still laugh at me because I wont come into their house if he's on the porch :) I saw better safe than sorry!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I say not saw :)And the nip doesn't hurt, so much - but it does bring blood. Ugh.

PS - I've pulled my nose piercing out a couple of times while I'm drying my face. Ever pulled your lip ring out like that? My nose piercing isn't a hoop, it's a stud and just goes in and up... so it can get pulled out easily. T.M.I.? :)

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