Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sitting and listening

a couple of weeks ago, nick and jess had just returned from the east coast.  jared called to remind me that some friends of his, the guys from balmorhea, were playing in seattle that night.  my first reaction was, ehh, seattle is far away, and i don't have money to spend on a ticket, etc.  jared promptly lied to me and told me that he had purchased me a ticket.  so, i let nick and jess know i was going out that night, and started to get really excited about getting out of puyallup, and after two weeks alone with the girls, a night out was very enticing.   

i got dressed and put on real people clothes (not workout chic clothing), put on makeup like i would if i were in the real world, and felt great about stopping to get some coffee on the way, and having some time to do something that i wanted to do.  like really, really great about it.  talked to some friends on the way up, and was enjoying the drive.   

as i hung up the phone, the honda i have been driving since i moved out here, started gyrating in ways that i was not accustomed to.  i promptly moved over to the right lane, just in case she decided to go on strike completely.  which she did.  i was totally unable to accelerate and coasted to the shoulder and went as far as i could (the whole time thinking, maybe if i just stay on the shoulder, just maybe i can make it the last few miles, please God).  i came to a stop, turned off the engine, and sat.  well, damn.  

i gave it a few minutes, and then tried to restart it.  as i turned the key, it sounded as if a chainsaw started underneath the hood, and seconds later, an explosion.  smoke everywhere.  double damn.  

at this point, i was crazy disappointed.  i was dressed, i was ready, and things weren't turning out how i'd hoped they would.  

several days later, jared told me that he actually hadn't gotten me a ticket, but instead had contacted balmorhea, let them know i was coming, and they had put me on their 'list'.  i found this hilarious, and felt a little silly, like a needy 'band girl'.  you all know the girl i am talking about.  

as a result of being on their 'list' they saw that i didn't show up i guess, or maybe jared just told them the breaking down story, a little hazy on this part, well whatever, they felt bad about me being on the side of the road instead of at the show, so they sent me a sweet little package, with a letter and one of their CDs.  

anyway, their name is balmorhea, they're from austin, texas, and jared has done a few things with them, like music videos, etc.  but they're awesome, really sweet, and send you things when your car breaks down:)

here's where to buy their stuff:

[also, nick came to get me off the side of the road, so thanks to him as well!]


Jared said...

love them.

Leigh said...

I love your stories. seriously. Sucks about the car, I threw a rod in my car my freshman year of college and was stranded in my pajamas. Hilarious story, was not so hilarious at the time. oh and I still have no idea what throwing a rod means that just what my Dad said I did so I say it like I know what I am talking about.

When you move back can we have coffee like the next day? I mean I need some Lauren Hogan that bad!

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