Saturday, February 07, 2009


how did we get to february?  not sure, but i'll take it.  

feeling remarkably better since the last post.  we're pushing through, and i am pleased to say that it is friday and this week is almost over.  there is a lot going on here, and a baby is coming pretty soon, so that always adds a real feeling of expectation and excitement around the house.  well, that and potty training:)  good job, elias (and n&j).

move update:  i will be sending out letters this week asking for some transitional support.  i need to be pretty bold, and ask for what i need, so that's hard.  

a housing opportunity has come about, but a few details need to be banged out, so more on that later, if it happens.

and now, two songs from a fun little movie we rented this week:

devendra banhart:  lover
vampire weekend:  ottoman

k bye.

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