Saturday, February 21, 2009

oscar time

i am ready for some overly decadent ice cream, pjs, and super-bowl-sized coverage of the oscars tomorrow.  i mean, really ready.  

the last few years, i have either written or printed out the ballot list and competed with friends to see who guesses the most categories correctly.  but this year, i think we should all do this:

it's real simple's oscar quiz.  

come on, it's fun, and this is not the type of thing where you have to know a lot about the nominated movies.  it's a pdf file, so print 'er out, and get back to me on how it goes.

in the meantime, get some popcorn or chocolate or whatever, and then get to work!

1 comment:

kalle said...

i love this about you. a fellow movie lover. but you like those crazy movies that don't resolve:) i can't take it!!

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