Sunday, February 15, 2009

keeping away my lonesome blues

this morning on my way to church, i heard a song from joni mitchell's blue album.  that album was worn out in my little honda accord circa 2000-2002.  during those years, josh had already graduated, and jared and i rode together to school every day in my little honda.  we went to a private school that was about 20 minutes away from our house, so the rides back and forth provided a good bit of time to listen to whatever it was that we wanted to listen to.  

we would go for weeks listening to the same album in the morning and the afternoon.  sometimes it would be radiohead's ok computer, and there was a pete yorn phase as well.  during my senior year, my best friend in high school, jessica, and i finished up our final exams early, but had to stay close by to pick up our siblings when they got out of school.  we ended up going to see 'vanilla sky'.  by going, we knew that we would be late to pick up our siblings, but we figured we'd face that when we got back to school, and not worry about it ahead of time.  

so when we returned from the movie, and pulled up at school, her two siblings, and jared, were leaning up against her car, with the most disgusted looks on their faces.  those expressions only worsened when we informed them that we were an hour late because we'd decided to go see a movie.  

i'm thinking that jared and i fought on the way home, i can't really remember exactly what happened.  though, when i start thinking about us fighting in the car on the way home from school, i do have very specific memories of us actually hitting the crap out of each other while sitting at a stop sign.  and for that matter, we have a really long history of car fights. (i wasn't totally forthcoming in that entry, i was a screaming crazy person telling jared if he didn't quit snoring and help keep me awake that i would end him.  jared's poor friend still has a look of fear in his eyes if we ever run into each other, as a result).

anyway, in the middle of our probable fight, i told him i needed to stop by best buy and pick up the soundtrack from 'vanilla sky'.  he was already mad, why not just go for broke?  

i ran in and bought it, and that is probably the most influential cd that either of us ever got.  introducing us to mark kozelek of the red house painters, sigur ros, and jeff buckley.  

so, it's a normal hazy day here in puyallup, and i'm sitting here listening to joni mitchell, and realizing it's been eight years since i was in high school.  i like growing up, but i am sure there are many more car fights to come, and many more songs to accompany them.  

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