Friday, February 27, 2009

trinity theory

last night was a vintage new beginnings evening.  turkey burgers?  check.  girls asking why everything we eat is whole wheat?  check.  girls turning their noses up to things like avocados?  triple check.  

also, for the last few weeks, jess and i have been surviving each day with the knowledge that with the evening will come ice cream.  flavor is not really important, though, double fudge brownie, peanut butter cup, coffee, and cappuccino chip seem to be the actors in our little play.    let us not forget our hot fudge topping, vital as it is.  

so after our feast of turkey burgers, nick had gone out to study, which means ice cream in nick and jess' room, and theorizing on LOST.  now, neither of us intend to get into such passionate exchanges about john locke, that crazy time-warp-wheel-thing, or the second plane crash, it just happens.  

over the past several weeks, i have sinned.  i have not committed my heart fully to the LOST experience.  i have watched while puttering around the computer, or talked the entire episode.  i do repent, and i did fully accept a rebuke last night regarding my behavior.  

the dvr'ed version of LOST is both a blessing and a curse.  because every other scene, and many times 4 times per scene, i will stop it and suggest a ridiculous theory.  or just say something stupid, because i haven't been watching it closely the last few episodes. 

but last night, while jess was ironing her sheets (that's right, as nice as the sheets felt after ironing..come on, if i had to take one thing off of your list of things to do, that might be it), we came to a conclusion that could only come from a place of true divinity.  

Holy Spirit=Smoke Monster (in our house, it is lovingly called the Pepper Monster)

on a separate note, i have taken for granted that creed and locke are indeed, long lost brothers. 

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