Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i got nothing

a really normal week going on over here.  so normal, in fact, that i am longing to shake things up.  once in a while, i get restless and feel like i'm sitting on the sidelines, but don't know how to get in the game.  because, i'm uncoordinated in both life and sports (even wii sports).  
i think i'm okay with it.  

there is all this time stretching out ahead, and i really don't have much to fill it.  no moves, no weddings, births, or big events.  it feels a little intimidating, not having anything to fixate or focus on.  like, what do i need to be doing to fill it up?  

it's eerily quiet right now, and that makes me think something big must be coming.  


Carrie said...

going to brainstorm ideas to shake things up. will bring list to Moe's on Thursday. get ready.

Nick said...

You should throw your self a party, or either:

a. Live vicariously through yourself.


b. Have an awkward moment, just to see what it feels like.

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