Tuesday, June 16, 2009

when doves cry

i have a little bit of a thing for prince.  not really, i'm not sure why i said that.  he's so tiny, that one.  i do get in prince moods where i put one of his songs on repeat for like an hour.  anyway, not sure why prince has become the topic of conversation.  sorry.

on another musical note, i have a confession.  i have been listening to a local country music station.  i don't know why.  now, i love honky tonk old country music, willie nelson, woody guthrie, and even hank williams.  but all this kenny chesney, dierks bentley stuff is new and strange, and i don't like it, but i can't stop listening.  and this station plays the same 10 songs over and over.  

here's the thing, i wear a pretty tough poker face, musically.  i know the bands/people to say i like if i need to 'sound cool'.  but whatever man, i like what i like.  i'm 25.  i'm getting old, and i don't have time to think about if people think i'm cool.  i like taylor swift, okay?

and i know every word to both carrie underwood albums.  

oh gosh, and i'm really sucked in by miley cyrus drama.  

i am bearing my soul and sharing my most appalling secrets, can you handle it?

your turn: what person/band/teen pop star/tv show/website/movie are you ashamed of loving? 

don't leave me out in the cold on this one.  


Jennie said...

I'm shocked I don't have a "team taylor" t shirt. I love Taylor Swift.

I also love Prince. Purple Rain. Purrrrrrrrrrrple Rain

Amy said...

On my honeymoon in Jamaica, a singer at our resort sang purple rain. His Jamaican accent made it... uniquely awesome. And WHO doesn't love a little 'extra time and your.... KISS'!?

Ok, so I love Gossip Girl, the Twilight books AND the movie. I love Dierks Bentley too... shhhh.

Carrie said...

Obsessed with Pioneer Woman and NieNie- but you already know that.

For Music- I pretty much listen to Tambourine by Eve before every workout. Loud and uncensensored. Still love Public Enemy. Also love Daryll Hall and John Oates. And Kenny Loggins.

Prince does something to me- I listened to Purple Rain album every time I ran (that or Salt and Peppa) in college. I just completely dated myself. Oh well. I kind of like getting older.

Laura T said...

I totally saw Prince in concert and it was amazing. No lie.

I watch Gossip Girl behind closed doors, as well as follow America's Next Top Model pretty religiously. So religiously that I now follow Australia and Canada's versions. No judgment.

And, alas, Janet Jackson is my guilty pleasure in music. I've taken crap on that one for years.

Anonymous said...

i love dierks and his band!!

they really rock live.......you should go see them!!!


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