Monday, June 29, 2009

fourth, etc.

i do love the fourth of july.  last year at this time, i had just taken on the challenge that is beulah hogan.  i remember standing barefoot in front of our yellow house, after returning from the mariner's game, deafened by the fireworks all around our house, the way the sky lit up reminded me of d-day.  you know, minus the troops invading, etc.  

this year, i'm finding myself researching recipes from cuisinenie, just like always.  can you have a fourth of july without peach cobbler?  i think it's unavoidable.  looking for a new and better recipe for that.

also, doesn't it feel like you have to make homemade ice cream?  what do you usually have on the fourth of july?

i have some nap-refusing babies today.  and just now i was listening to music, and felt on-edge.  i think when they're "napping", i just need absolute silence.  no music, no tv, or it's just too much.  quiet.  that's what i need.

alright, leigh just tagged me for a little meme thing.  so here goes:

8 things to look forward to:
  • fall
  • growing my group of friends to include non-roommates and non-family members (not that i don't love ya, cause i do).
  • getting settled in a new rental in a few months.
  • taking a weekend trip somewhere very soon.
  • oh, seeing the wedding pictures.
  • weekends!!!
  • nieces and nephews (yep, i said it)
  • finding a man.
8 things i did yesterday:
  • church
  • made a roast beef/muenster cheese sandwich with my new favorite thing, wasabi mayo. really tasty.
  • went shopping with ri
  • chipotle for dinner.
  • wii with our little sitcom fam (i do think that me, ally, emily, jared, maria and beulah would make for a terrific sitcom..)
  • listened to 'turn my swag on' more times than i'd like to admit
  • ohh, took a sweet nap.
  • annnd?  started sweating trying to get my enormous power steering fluid lacking suv out of the target parking garage.  
8 things i wish i could do:
  • travel easier (no financial/work/pet complications..just go)
  • buy a new car
  • dance really well.  like dancing with the stars, make people cry dance.
  • meet benjamin.
  • find a new roommate.
  • spin class.
  • grow my hair out extremely fast.
  • have some land.
8 shows that i enjoy:

[we don't have tv in our house right now, like no channels, but i do have netflix/ally's wii, so we're not deprived.  but i'll list the last 8 movies from my netflix que.]
  • revolutionary road
  • twilight
  • the wrestler
  • spellbound
  • grace is gone
  • frost/nixon
  • borat
  • rachel getting married
and there you go, way more than you were interested in knowing.  


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