Wednesday, June 10, 2009


josh, me, jared and maria with jared's awards

these past few months have been full of big life events.  in between the big life events, i have found it hard to talk about the daily minutia.  but today i am making a return to chatting about the little unimportant details of life, let's begin:

**the black eyed peas new song, 'boom boom pow'.  i am listening to it right now, and i want to listen to it all the time on repeat.  [i would post a link to the mp3 but 'big blogger' is watching].

**moving on, marinated mozzarella balls on pita chips.  i could eat them every day for every meal.  i found a recipe for how to marinate them myself yesterday.  will get on that soon.  

**finally got a bag i've had my eye on for months (for 50% off, no less).  

**netflix, why are YOU so awesome?  the roommates and i expectantly check the mailbox for your latest offerings every day.  we love you. 

**i am currently spending my morning looking at fun wedding stuff, being in a wedding is fun and it makes me excited to have a fun little wedding one of these days.

**you guys should keep your eye out for jared and maria's wedding pictures to be posted on  they are going to be SICK.  [and he is amazing, look around his sight]

**2 very different movies that you should see.  

*UP.  go see it today.  and be ready to cry several times.  at a cartoon.  just go see it.

*the hangover.  really seriously inappropriate, you will also cry in this movie because it is so friggin' funny.  but this is not for everyone, let me give you the demographic for this movie, if you haven't slept for about 48 hours and are really loopy, and you have a really low brow sense of humor you will laugh until you can't breathe.  

okay byyyyyyyeeee


Amy said...

1) love boom boom pow.
2) love 'say hey' michael franti. it's so happy. i could listen on repeat all day long. have ya heard?
3) that photographer is amazzzzzzzing. can't wait to see the pics from your bros wedding.
4) can't wait to see those movies, although i'm probably going to wait till they come out on dvd to see them. bummer.

Mere said...

love that picture of the family... y'all are too cute! Hope we can make Sunday work!

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