Thursday, June 25, 2009


as most of you know, i am an animal lover dog lover.  and you would think that working at a dog kennel, and having my own sweetie pup would satisfy this love.  but, sometimes, i get 'the fever'.  most of the time it's for a fat puppy, but lately, it's more for an oldie.  so, i'm going to introduce you to a few friendlies that are up for adoption, and link you to a page that can tell you more.  so, if you're interested in getting a pet, PLEASE look at these lovies for adoption [mutts are so much better].

meet tigger

okay, one baby.  this is arlo.

and this is george.

and guys, i did not even begin to scratch the surface.  i just pulled some right off the top.  these boys are all in the charlotte metro area.  and for some reason my search only seemed to result in boy dogs, so obviously there are lots of sweet girls, too.

also, tomorrow, june 26, we are having a promotion at the doggie daycare where i work (all wags, off tyvola), where you can bring your dog to be evaluated and he/she can stay for the entire day for free!  we'll also be having a bake sale and all wags will match whatever is raised and donate it to the local Charlotte ASPCA.  

so, if you're in town, bring your dog by, i'm working friday night, so we can play.  

all wags site [keep an eye out for a cameo from my girl]

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Anonymous said...

I want them all!

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