Friday, June 19, 2009


being a nanny gives me glimpses of what my future may look like.  what i hope my future will look like.  [me ever finding a quirky-doesn't-take-himself-too-seriously-Jesus-follower-that thinks-i'm-the-greatest kinda guy is seeming more impossible, but i'm keeping hope alive, and that's another post, for another time].  

i ventured out with the babes today, like we do most days.  things are getting more complicated though, the hotter it gets here in charlotte.  and shuttling two babies in and out of the car in the heat will make you want to die.  not even to mention the double stroller.  seen here:

this thing will own you. 

the other day, all i wanted was a passion tea from starbucks while we were out, but actually couldn't fathom doing the whole in/out of the car scenario one more time that day.  my shirt was already stuck to my back from the last twin load up.  in desperation i turned to twitter, to see if anyone knew of a starbucks drive thru, no luck.  

moving on, today i met my roommate emily, maria, and jared at cabo fish taco.  i'd never been there, and should have done a little more research, because that place is not baby friendly.  

it all started with the stroller getting stuck trying to get through the front door, and it didn't help things when i knocked my entire glass of water all over baby 2.  like a rushing wave of water directly in her lap.  she cried, and was soaked for the rest of lunch, but we survived.  

none of us talked to each other the entire lunch, we just watched them make funny faces, and steal food from my plate when i wasn't looking.  but that's okay, because they're so awesome.  and they're not even my babies.  most days being with them just makes me excited to love someone enough to marry them, and then we get to have these fun little things together? bonus.  big bonus.  

the future looks fun, and in those dreams, i won't clock out at 5:45pm:)  


Jessi said...

ugh, if you were at cabo - you were about a 2 minute walk from our old house. Literally. sigh.

Mary said...

I saw a Mom and Dad at the grocery store with two kids in one of those make believe vehicle carts. I was so glad I wasn't them, any of them.

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