Thursday, June 18, 2009


my main audience for my last post was my brothers.  

those jokers have been judging my tastes well, since forever.  i guess there was a short 3 years before jared could give me the 'george costanza look of disapproval' face, but by like 3 weeks in, he had it perfected.  

and josh, well josh was born with his 'smirk of judgment'.  (sorry, no visual aid).  anyway, case in point:  i talked quickly with jared last night, here's how that went down:

jared:  hey you should write another blog, or at least clarify the one you wrote.

lauren:  which blog?  what?

lauren:  oh, right.  i knew you would love that. [referencing my love for taylor swift].

jared:  seriously, it knocked you down a couple of notches in my book, you should really clarify that you don't really like country music.  

jared:  and also you're not funny.  

okay, he didn't say that last part, but in the grand scheme of things, that's what you get from brothers:  "you're not cool, so stop trying".  

to that i say, freedom (ya jerks).  sometimes now, i say i like stupid things just to get under their skin.  because most of the things i say that i like, they end up coming around to liking/loving.  


dawson's creek (don't play, jared, you bought me a season a few years ago, and you and josh sat on my bed in your pjs and watched the whole thing with me.. maria, sorry that you had to find out this way)
twilight (you made up songs about spider monkeys and sparkly vampires)

the list could go on, but i'm tired of bragging, so we'll bring this post to an end.  

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Milovy said...

I love both Dawson's Creek and Twilight and my husband eventually came around on the last one. They always do.

I think its cool that you like Taylor Swift. She's a doll.

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