Friday, April 10, 2009

jumping on the bandwagon

just about everyone i know has had a fashion post or two lately.  well, of course i am going to follow suit.  i am in dire need of a new pair of jeans.  many times just thinking about trying on jeans causes me to get immediate hives, but i'm kind of looking forward to it.  

i found this website.  it's interesting, you put in your measurements, and the exact specifications of the jeans you want.  but--don't you feel like you have to try jeans on?  i don't try on 90% of the clothes i purchase, but if you're buying expensive jeans, gotta try them on, right?

here are my two needs:
  • a pair for church/nights out/anything besides dog walking and nannying.
  • which leaves us with a pair for messy nanny days, walks with beulah, and lazy saturdays.  
night out options

1.  joe's jeans honey in harvey

2.  7 for all mankind rocker bootcut

3.  jcrew matchstick indigo wash

comfy pair

1.  jcrew vintage slim in worn-in wash

2.  jcrew boy jean in darkwash

3.  true religion joey stretch flare

*as you can see, this list is somewhat unrealistic, but in the blog world we can pretend*

pick your favorite of these, or suggest something else. 
 let's hear it!


Leigh said...

I LOOOVEE my Joe's Jeans, they seriously last forever. Try them on at the store then look for them on Blue Fly, much better prices! :)

wight people said...

nice jeans: 1 or 3

and for me, I'll take the legs that come in the first pair of jeans. Thanks!

moody said...

hey lauren. glad to hear youre getting settled in. follow my european adventures at!

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