Thursday, April 09, 2009

i can't even tell you

how much has changed since my last post.  

last time i wrote, i was laying around at my parent's unmotivated to finish packing up my car.  well, the rest of monday picked up a good bit.  including being surprise-hired by the nanny mama who turned me down the night before.  confused?  yes, so was i.  

so, i drove up here monday night, saw jared briefly and ate mcdonald's with him, on his way back to savannah from working in charlotte for the day.  got to the house, unpacked my little bit of stuff, and settled in.  tuesday and wednesday i only worked half-days with the kids (11 month old twins) so that i could get my life under control, and also train with the outgoing nanny.  

today is my first day flying solo.  so far, so good.  they are busy little bees.  but we're having fun.  

they're napping right now, and without internet at our house, this will most likely become my blogging time.  i am quite tired after a busy week.  but feel energized by the change, if you'd asked me two days ago how i was doing, i might have started crying.  but today, i am feeling peaceful.  you know those times in life (and maybe this is just me) where you can't really listen to anything but worship music, just to help you make it through the day?  that's where i've been, just sort of grasping at whatever i can get a hold of.  

love to each of you, going to sip on some coffee and enjoy the rest of the quieeeeeetttt.  


Leigh said...

awesome. we will plan a date soon and if you are in columbia anytime soon of course lets have coffee!

wight people said...

YAY on the new developments! I am excited for your new found peace...hope it stays!!! miss you. Whenever you are ready to hop back in a car, make sure to head west...and KEEP GOING! don't ever forget how amazing seattle really is!

Mere said...

so glad the nannying opportunity ended up working out! hope you have an amazing rest of the week. make sure to keep us updated on how it's all going!

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