Sunday, April 19, 2009

promise to wait while we're working it out

this week has been so jam-packed with goodness.  i am sitting at panera right now waiting for at&t to open next door.  my phone totally bit the dust this morning, so i am seriously contemplating an iphone purchase in about 15 minutes.  why bother getting another piece of garbage phone?  let's not play around.

work is going well, but i really was not expecting how much poop i would be dealing with.  let's be honest, babies poop a LOT.  and twins poop non-stop.  but i love those little nuts already, so it's okay.  but between a dog and two babies, i feel like poop is my actual job.

what else?  my dad came up and brought my temporary bed, which has been awesome.  no more air mattress for me!  we made a nice visit to big daddy's burgers on east boulevard that night, which was unspeakably good. 

i made new friends this week!  the woodard family knows the connollys and have been so welcoming, and even let me hang out with their pup, tex, while they went camping this weekend.  we had a great time, and are having dinner together on tuesday, which i am really looking forward to.  more on carrie and her fam later.  

my roommate ally and i had a nice lazy saturday yesterday, we went to freedom park and threw the ball for beulah, and then made a quick stop by the farmer's market.  in other news, i have started ally on 'freaks and geeks'.  i'll let you know if/when she gets hooked.  

in other big news, i haven't even told y'all this.  the day my dad and i drove out of puyallup, one of my best friends, mary, sent me an email asking if she could buy me a plane ticket up to wisconsin for the end of april.  having no idea what type of job i would have, or where i would be in the moving process, i tentatively said 'yes', and prayed that things would fall into place.  and they have!  

this trip is so special that i can hardly really explain it.  mary is my best friend from remuda ranch.  we arrived at the rehab facility (for eating disorders) 2 days apart, and spent most of our stay there together.  this month is our 2 year anniversary of going to remuda.  other best buddies from remuda are making the trip as well, kristen, carrie, and sarah will all be up at mary's house for a celebratory weekend.  i am so excited i can barely stand it.  

i have only seen kristen briefly over christmas break, but i have not seen the other three sisters in TWO YEARS.  

may 19 will be the anniversary of the day that i left remuda, and i think i would like to have a party this year.  just because God is so good.  

okay, iphone anyone?


Leigh said...

Love this post!
Love you!
Yay iPhone.
I need more info on this burger place.

Mere said...

that burger place is so good. Craig and I went there a couple times when he lived in Charlotte. Glad to hear that you are having such a great week!

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