Monday, April 20, 2009

taking it to the streets

attention:  this is not a drill.  

i don't care who you are, or where you're from, or if this is your first time ever stumbling upon this blog--i need your help.  

i have to decide on a bridesmaids dress to wear for my brother's wedding today.  

we had one picked out for me (we're all wearing different dresses), but after some rethinking, we are back to square one.  the dress needs to be yellow, and i need some feedback.  now, it will be helpful if you know me, to know what would look best on me, but even if you don't-whatever, just pick your favorite.  here goes:






help, please.  


Jessi said...

I'm leaning towards A. It would depend where it hits you. Love B. I don't like C for your body and you cannot get D. Beautiful dress, wouldn't work for the wedding though. E is the absolute best for you, though.

Milovy said...

My vote is either B or E. Both would look good on you.
D is a little too prom-y and A seems too casual for a wedding but maybe you could buy it just to wear in general. I love A for everyday.

Coffee? This week? Next? my life is insane right now, but I'd love to talk ;)

Leigh said...

I really loooove A but Jessi is right E would look awesome on, seriously I have a dress that is similar in style and it is very flattering on my not so flattering body! So E is my official vote but if you love A go for it!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

E is Excellent.

wight people said...

I want to wear B! the best.
but the last one reminds me of something you would love to wear...

Laura Troutman said...

I'm probably too late, but B and E would be my choices. Um, and for the record, I'm still desperate for a phone date!!!

Mere said...

I know this it probably too late, but I love B!

Carrie said...

I vote E- I love A but it could cut you at the wrong point on the leg and make you look shorter. Can you tell I watch a lot of "what not to wear". Which is hilarious because I am not all that stylish. And I think those two are MEAN as snakes and need to give some grace to their victims.

Back to you- E is the way to go- put on some pearls- get a spray tan, and VOILA!! you will be a yellow beaut.

can't wait for tonight. love, Carrie

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