Saturday, April 04, 2009


how i have been feeling and acting the last few days*

i am laying in my bedroom right now.  it's dark, and i almost threw my back out trying to unstick the paint-stuck window.  while it is usually so cold here at my parent's house that i have to wear a fleece, no matter the season, this visit has been a little toasty.  mainly because it is in the weird weather no man's land, where you really don't need to use the air conditioner yet, but you might as well start warmin' her up.  or coolin' her down, more accurately, i suppose.  

beulah is laying in her doggie bed in the corner, and this room is totally filled with boxes.  let's not confuse the situation though, my room is tiny, three boxes fills the room.  though, for some reason, there are a bunch of empty boxes, too.  and beulah's crate and dog bed.  and my two suitcases.  there is one tiny patch of floor where i can navigate in and out of the room, other than that, it's yuck in here.  

these past few days have been tough.  and not for the reasons you might be thinking.  i am somewhat in the zone with my parents right now.  though, i am ready to have some floor space and a bathroom that i don't share with both of my parents.  i think i am normally a roll-with-the-punches type of gal, but these past 3 weeks have been very gypsy-like.  and now that i have not heard from nanny mom #1, that means i don't have a job=back to square one.  

in this time of dependence, i have not been spending a lot of time with the Lord, and it shows in my words and actions.  yuck.  i hate when i knowingly continue in the wrong direction.  yuck yuck.  

a few really important things are coming together for the move, but more on that later.  

*i threw tantrums as a child, and my mom thought it prudent to capture them on film.  


Nick said...

Never mind about that carpet.

Leigh said...

I swear to you that is the same carpet that gray and I had in the bedrooms of our old condo.
also I am totally taking pictures of my kids tantrums.
p.s. so I really hope you are Charlotte all week because I know that means good things for you but I selfishly want you to be in Columbia so we can have another coffee date. only because you are that awesome.

Lauren said...

yes, the carpet. i believe this picture was taken in tennessee, circa 1988.

and no, leigh, YOU are just that awesome.

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