Tuesday, April 21, 2009

thanks friends

your input was very helpful, thank you!

okay, selection 'E' was my favorite as well, and after i heard from a few of you guys, i decided to go ahead with it.  as i was ordering it, i saw to my dismay, that they were out of my size.  

after a quick google search, i found a very similar dress from the same brand.  so, this is what i went with:

in other news:
  • the iPhone has overtaken my life.  
  • i have started eating lunch at 10:30am.  
  • annnd i have a lot to do before i leave on thursday for wisconsin.  
  • just found out we'll be making a day trip to chicago, excited about this.  
  • today is josh's birthday.  happy 27th (holy crap).
  • 46 days until jared gets married, and maria becomes a HOGAN.


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Your brother and I were born 3 days apart. i will be 27 on the 24th :) Tarus' rock.

Leigh said...

love it! you are going to be beautiful!

mariathomas said...

love, love it. i can't wait to see it.
p.s. i'm in hiding on twitter. a little self conscious that i jumped the gun and already have the hogan last name on there.

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