Wednesday, April 01, 2009


sheesh.  after being at my parent's house for a few days, i could tell some funny stories.  BUT, they read this, and also have facebook.  so, i am officially on gag order.  especially after thinking i was smooth enough to get away with a frustrated-middle-of-the-night post about my dad's snoring while on our road trip.  well, i did not.  my mom read it to him like a true benedict arnold.  

not a lot to report this evening.  quick trip up to charlotte tomorrow for an interview and running by the house to meet one of my roommates.  

right now, i am unable to watch LOST because jare has my TV in savannah and my parents are all about some american idol results show.  once again, sheesh.  

still feeling a little nervous about the changes coming up in the next week.  if things go as planned, i will move into the house on monday, and start my job (if i get it..eek) on tuesday.  a lot of loose ends to tie up before then though.  

must go.  if you live in charlotte, be my friend.  please.  


Jared said...

kind of can't believe you put that picture up. is this a power point presentation?

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

My goodness, your new header is gorgeous! Love it! I hope your new adventures are going well... actually better than well! I am totally overusing the "!"s. Oh well!!!

Lauren said...

oh geeze.

jared--you keep me humble

amy--you're sweet. my brother, who commented above you, made it for me. things are going pretty well, this weekend is sort of make or break it. waiting to hear if i got a job, and hopefully moving in to a place in charlotte.

still want to meet you in person! (and i strongly encourage the use OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!)

moody said...

dear lauren. what kind of job is your interview for?

-curious in lacoste

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