Thursday, July 10, 2008

the final list

  • test drive a car, and make the salesman take a picture of me while in it.
  • become an expert on the jerboa.
  • enroll beu in an obedience class.
  • write a book report on a children's book.  probably a 'box car children' book.
  • create a soy peanut butter chocolate banana milkshake
  • i will go to an area casino.
  • write a poem using the word 'connolly', and find at least two rhyming words.
  • photoshop jessi's face onto kim kardash..oh wait.  check that one off the list.
  • i can also check the pilfering of a certain framed photo off my list. 
  • teach the musick twins to sing "Low" by Flo Rida.  caleb on lead vocals, and josh on background vocals.
  • flirt with one obscure man per week, three men total.  
  • take a short roadtrip (idaho, here i come).
  • work out 15 times in the next 3 weeks.
  • i'm out.


bigjstyle said...

maria and jared's appendix to aforementioned "final list":

1. call mom and dad on i711 [include several explatives]

2. set up lemonade stand [and hustle booze under the table]

3. put a penny on the rail road track

4. create a facebook account for mr. hess

5. create eharmony account and have one phonecall with a "match"

6. rob a bank

7. make a application video to the reality show of your choice

8. listen only to donna lewis for one full 24 hours

9. wear shoes on the wrong feet and go exercise

10. create a life-size cutout of rosie odonnell and feed her, have a visible argument in front of the neighbors with her and then murder her and suspiciously bury her in the middle of the night.

11. make a wish and see if it comes true.

12. take beulah to doggy boot camp, so she'll get roughed up by other bitches. scared straight.

13. finally, have fun.

Amy said...

I really like #10 above.

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