Tuesday, July 15, 2008

horse poop and other things

quick update to let you know that i am still alive, and i am still holding down the new beginnings fort.  

i am checking things off of my list every day.  and it's going well.  

on a sad note, while watching josh, caleb, and hannah on saturday, the boys found a little baby frog.  looking similar to this:

usually, i don't have any particular affection for amphibians.  but this little guy was particularly lovable.  the boys ran around for about 10 minutes trying to find some sort of containment device.  i told them to be gentle, and explained that if they continued to hold him in their fists, he would probably suffocate.  

i was so thankful that the boys found some entertainment that i wasn't nearly as concerned as i should have been about the frog's well being.  the boys ended up turning over a ceramic pot to corral him.  caleb ran inside the house, and i turned my back, and josh started pushing the very large ceramic pot across the patio.  

long story short, he ran over the frog with the 20 pound ceramic pot.  and it was awful.  i mean, really, really horrible (did you know frogs bleed..a lot?).  i even had to swallow back tears because he was such a charismatic little frog.  

so this post is for you, howard.

(oh, and my dog has a passion for horse poop.  an unending, all consuming passion).

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