Saturday, July 05, 2008


in the coming days you can look forward to a pretty awesome set of pictures of jessi and i dressed up as each other.  as soon as i can get it off of my camera.  
we are headed to a mariner's game tonight.  i went when jared and maria were here, and it was so fun.  but tonight--we're headed to the best seats in the house.  deluuuuuxe box seats.  hopefully we'll get some good pictures of that experience as well.  
i have definitely decided that i am MORE than ready for a new group of girls.  nick and jessi are totally occupied without them, because they have 2 full time jobs (otherwise known as elias and glory).  but me?  yeah, i am going to need something to do/someone to make fun of pronto.  i'm only half kidding about that last part.  i just want to DO something.  even if it is being exasperated/completely amused by:

  • monkeys
  • straightjackets
  • finascos
  • 6 am (sis AM)
  • 8 pound people coming out of cooches
  • chinese crustaceans
  • baJA fresh
  • or just general crazy
all of this to say, if you happen to live in the puget sound area, and even if you don't, maybe come/fly/drive here.  no, really.  i'm not kidding.  

can anyone hear me?  you there?  

come see me.  now.

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