Saturday, July 26, 2008

saturday morning gladness

some things i am excited about--in chronological order
  • doing a little cleaning up around the house this morning
  • maybe catching a nap today
  • enjoying my cup of coffee while catching an episode of little house on the prairie
  • beulah's second puppy class tonight. i am not totally sure if you can 'win' a puppy class, but we're going to try our darndest.
  • connollys coming home in 2 dayyyys.
  • the fact that beulah has started chasing/eating/killing horseflies as i type this.
  • new girls coming (could not be more excited about this)
  • the month of august (birthdays, radiohead, etc.)
  • my parents coming in september
  • fall in seattle
  • a puyallup family thanksgiving (imagine how awesome our dinner will be)
  • looking for plane tickets home to south carolina after being away for 9 months.
  • sitting in an overly-christmas-decorated-room with my whole family, including jake.
  • but most of all, right now i am looking forward to life returning to the crazytown we all know and love. i am looking forward to needing to escape to one of our upstairs hideaways. this house is tooo empty.
i am all kinds of thankful for life right now.

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