Friday, July 25, 2008

zoned out and wonky-eyed

so tired, trying to watch project runway on youtube, keep blinking to stay awake. must walk upstairs.

beulah update: that little beast weighs 13 lbs. and she is awesome.

spent the day with anna, here's a snippet of our day:

anna: "what kind of weird music is this?"

lauren: "uhh, do you really not know who this is? i have let you down during the time you lived with us. this is elton john."

anna: "oh right, you mean elton john newton."

lauren: "i'm sorry?"

anna: "elton john newton" (belligerence)

lauren: "wait, are you thinking about olivia newton john?"


babes.having.babes said...

seriously. that made my month. let's get some girls back in the house.

Faythe Aiken said...

i don't have words. i miss crazytown. you should totally be friends with jihan. i'll call soon. (i know i keep saying that... but, i mean it)

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