Thursday, July 17, 2008

little brother

i have to talk to you about my amazing brother.

i don't think that i brag on him enough, because it almost seems prideful because he is so much apart of me. it's like bragging about my foot or my left eyebrow. i mean, i don't really have anything to do with how they turned out, my eyebrows and i just happened to grow up in the same house, much like jared and i.

all of this to say--i have the most talented brother(s) ever. we'll talk about josh another day.

jared is hilarious, creative, and generally the best guy i know. i thought i'd post a few things he has done lately, and a few links to some people who have started noticing his talent.

AFTERLIFE from Jared Hogan on Vimeo.
Big Diction (Austin, Texas pop culture blog) found Jared's final film (for his junior year) after searching for balmorhea, and was impressed enough to post it on their blog.

also, balmorhea, a great band that jared has used to score a few movies, has noticed jared's films as well, and has posted two of them on their band's website.

A MORNING from Jared Hogan on Vimeo.

one more--an awesome video jared did for his friends that were recently married.

THE WEDDING from Jared Hogan on Vimeo.

okay, i think i've gotten it out of my system for now. love you jare. [also, i've only really spoken of his talents, not really about his heart, one of these days i'll get around to telling you how much he loves the Lord, but not today]

(also, here's his he has to write).

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