Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sentimental and a bit creeped out

sentimental because i just watched this video about a friend's first son being born. it was so sweet and amazing.

also, i'm creeped out because of google map's new feature.

this is my parent's house. the house i grew up in. not sure when they did this, but it must've been a little while back because my car is in the carport.

uhh what else? nothing is really going on. i'm finally getting to go see 'the dark knight' tomorrow. anna will also be spending the day with me. hopefully, she won't show up at 'sis AM' for 'brafast'.

also, i am incredibly distracted--jennifer hudson just came on regis and kelly, she is in the lowest cut dress, and i am actually cringing hoping that everything stays right where it should. regis is unabashedly staring. it's like watching a car crash, you can't quite look away.

and on that note, here's jennifer singing on the sex and the city soundtrack--

Jennifer Hudson--All Dressed Up In Love

okay one last thing. a couple of years ago at camp, we had a tv character party where we all dressed up like someone from tv. i would like to take a moment to grieve the loss of my chosen tv character. estelle getty (sophia). i turned out looking nothing like her, but hey, i got nothing but love for you 'stell.

1 comment:

babes.having.babes said...

nothing like her, you're her twin. rest in peace sophia.

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