Tuesday, July 08, 2008

all hopped up on oxycodin

there are lots of things i feel like saying right now.  and lots of reasons that i should not say them and go to bed, run to bed.  but, as a result of some nasty wisdom teeth worming their way through my gums, i took one of jessi's c-section pain pills, and now i am feeling pretty good about life AND my gums.  

i decided today that my life right now is very much like a 6 year old's during the summer.  i spend all day outside with no shoes on playing with a puppy.  this morning i got to hang out with elias and beulah and we played hard.  

the house is abuzz with preparation for the connollys trip back east.  i will be using this blog to brainstorm for activities during my 3 weeks alone:
  • drive to rainier
  • dog park/obedience classes for beu
  • spend full days in tacoma exploring
  • walk to puyallup several times a week
  • possibly have to recover from wisdom teeth removal
  • i know one or two days i will be watching the musick twins (that will be a series of posts all to itself, i am sure).
  • spend a full day in fremont, because i love it.
  • eat here.  
  • maybe i'll take the twins to see Wall-E (i love me some pixar)
  • drop my resume off here.
okay, so i have tried before to get people to come out of the woodwork and comment on my blog.  but for real, i covet your ideas for things to do for free for the next few weeks.  though, i am fully aware that no one is going to leave me ideas--i have no sway in the blog world.  i've come to terms with it.  


babes.having.babes said...

here is our list for you:
- test drive a car
- write a poem that rhymes using the word "connolly"
- finalize that pnut butter banana soy goodness recipe
- vaccum our upstairs. I wish I was kidding.
- teach Beu to roll over
- go to Value Village
- go to the Musick's office and steal the picture of the twins when they were babies. It's on the top shelf of the left desk. Do it....
- brainstorm all the desktop backgrounds you're going to prank me with.
- photoshop a picture of my face over kim kardashian's body.

babes.having.babes said...

excuse me top shelf of the right desk.

moody said...

solitaire chess
backyard dino dig
make a puppy parka out of an old t-shirt
make taffy out of a marshmallow
crossword puzzle
rain shadows
internet chat rooms
book report
hot yyoga
draw your autobiography
dismantle a calculator
make necklaces from random crap
jump rope contest
scuba rap

Vibrant Violet said...

you can do what my brother is doing right now...

rig a potato gun to a motion sensor device.

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