Wednesday, July 16, 2008

pleasant evening

life is beginning to edge back into the 'normal' category, or maybe, more accurately, the enjoyable category. there has been some upheaval around here in the last month.

jared and maria coming and going
all the girls leaving
finding beu
nick and jessi being gone

i have thought a lot in the last week about what living in community means, and how i become conditioned to having it and then losing it. whether it is camp, remuda, or any other intensive time of living and bonding with others, there always seems to be a serious let down after it's over. you build and build this home with others, only to have to move out and start from scratch and build a foundation with new people.

the difference with life now is that for the foreseeable future, i really have a chance to get comfortable in this home and this time in my life.

i think this week has reminded me of how thankful i am to be here, and how glad i am that life here is not short term.

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