Friday, January 09, 2009

bake yourself a bit of happy.

so. i love to bake. more accurately, i really love finding funky new/rarely healthy recipes. there are SO many great baking blogs that are crazy inspiring, and FUN. i've never been able to bake as much as i have here at new beginnings, because we have huge pantries full of supplies. it's been really fun to experiment and find new recipes from nienie, pioneerwoman, bakerella, and now my new favorite: BAKED.

i really love rustic, simple recipes, and this book is full of those types of recipes. so far, i've only admired the book at barnes and noble, but i hope to buy it soon. i've tried a few of their recipes i've found online, and they're great. also, it turns out that they've just opened their second store in charleston, south carolina. so, carolina friends, you should go! (their flagship store is in brooklyn).

my secret dream is to open a really tiny little bakery, with big chairs, a fireplace, and lots of good books. so until i get an unexpected windfall, it will remain a dream:) but for now, i can pretend in our nice big kitchen:)

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