Friday, January 16, 2009

right now

right now, i am sitting in our tv room. we all have a tolerate/hate relationship with this room, as it proves to be a dumping ground for sloth-like behavior and week old food (not so lovingly referred to as 'the dungeon'). generally, the only thing that brings me in this room is the dvr. most fridays around lunch i can be found here watching grey's anatomy from the night before. i have a very small number of episodes left to watch while i still live in the same city where it fictitiously takes place. back when grey's anatomy used to be a good show, seattle seemed all coffee-filled and cozy, you know because of all the rain, and i thought people wore chunky sweaters and ate soup 365 days a year.

honestly, my perception of seattle isn't crazy far from that after living in the area for almost a year. though, i will say, puyallup is a long way from seattle. or maybe, more accurately, reality is a long way from primetime drama.

  • our new girl moves from room to room so that she is never sitting in the same room as me. i have to think of it as funny. 
  • one of my favorite bloggers came back to her blog today, after several months of recovery after a plane crash. check NieNie out.
  • i have not showered yet, and am still in my clothes from the run i went on last night.  
  • i am drinking cold coffee.
  • still looking intently for a job.
  • found a cute little duplex in charlotte.  in my price range, in a great neighborhood, now i just need a way to pay for it:)
BAKED update:  jess and i tried out two new recipes from the baked cookbook, they were awesome.  the brownies were the best i've ever tasted.  email me if you want the recipe:


Leigh said...

If you come to columbia before you move to charlotte you should try the habitat resale store in W. Cola. Gray and I went the other day and they have some cool stuff. It's pretty hit or miss. We found some awesome things, none of which we needed and none of which we bought because we didn't need them. just thought you might like to know about it plus the money goes to a good cause.

Milovy said...

Oh that place is cute! I know exactly where it is too! If you need a place to stay in Charlotte while you get on your feet, let me know!

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