Friday, January 02, 2009

oh new year

well dearies, 2009 is here.

i just got back from a long-car-trip-filled vacation back to the east coast.  great trip.  for now though, let's talk about the best discoveries of 2008 (in no particular order):

cutting my own hair:  not fool proof, you can always tell that i cut it myself, but i'm okay with it.  it saves money and i end up liking it better in the long run.

the northwest:  love it.

pregnancy/childbirth:  living with pregnant women is crazy (fun).  after this year, i will consider myself an honorary half pregnant lady.  

rob and big:  i wish this weren't true, but i laugh so hard i almost cry anytime i watch it.  this is a whole 'nother list in itself, what is the most embarrassing tv that i watch and love.  watch THIS.

connolly babies:  love.

jimmy and faythe:  yep.

beulah:  yes, the first couple of months resembled a pee soaked hell, but we're coming around, and she is only a jerk like 2% of the time.  we're all entitled, i suppose.

macbookair:  a new love.

sitting in the luxury box:  i'll never be able to go to another baseball game again.

specialty's cookies:  eat them.  

30 rock:  but only on dvd.  not as funny in one episode installments.  

living with a married couple(s):  enlightening and hilarious.

here's to 2009, may you be full of surprises.  


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Rob & Big = One of my all time faves :)

Jessi said...

did I mention I REALLY like your new blog header?
but if you wanted to change it, i'm ok with that too.

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