Thursday, January 15, 2009

i just can't help myself

i have been looking since thursday for a few things on youtube.  1.)  brangelina/ryan seacrest snub, i could watch it every hour on the hour.  2.)  a couple of clips from 30 rock from thursday night.  3.)  the biggest loser clip where bob FLIPS out on that lady.  holy crap, put that one on repeat too.

'But, what if I say something stupid? Like order a tall coffee, or talk about my Nintendo Wii?' — Liz, on the hot package known as Peter Dinklage.

but alas, i couldn't really find any of the clips i was looking for, so instead, i am posting the entire episode of 30 rock from last thursday, because it is that funny. 

good day to you.

**update** i found the biggest loser clip. jess, eat your heart out.

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a slice of my life said...

Not the best quality, but still funny:

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