Thursday, January 22, 2009



this post is really going to be about as exciting as the past few days have been.  not very.  

i wrote a post yesterday, but decided it smelled a little too much of bitterness, so never published it.  it was mostly funny anecdotes about the girls that are living here right now.  but the funniness may have bordered on mean, so i drafted it.  i will say though, i'm pretty sure they're plotting my demise.  it could be all the LOST watching, but i am convinced that they are indeed, the others.

what else?
  • after months of working with Beu on retrieving, all of a sudden yesterday, she just got it.  
  • still earnestly searching for a job.  at this point, i'm pretty open to taking one anywhere in the general north carolina area.  i really need a job.
  • oscar nominations out today.  

okay, bye!

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Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Yay for retrieving! I'm going to have to do some hardcore training with our new dog. Shes a wild one!

I didn't want to write this on my blog but I've been on a 3 month Claratin D/3 month Zyrtec regimine for about a year now. I have to constantly be on something or this crap shows up, no matter what time of year. Neither of them are touching it right now though... so I'll def try the Mucinex combo! I'm sooooo desperate!!! And my doc doesn't do anything for this besides telling me to use a neti pot... which works, but is so hard to do on a normal routine. I'm so rushed that popping a pill is easier :)

Sorry for the book! I apparently have diarrhea of the mouth. Which is a totally nasty saying, btw.

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