Monday, January 26, 2009

a typical day

here is what my mornings usually look like 'round these parts.  beulah scoots up beside me, licks my face, and puts her chin directly on my neck until i wake up and take her outside.  so we go do our thing, and sometimes we'll go on a run or a walk,(i've become a little slack on that since i have had a cold).  then come back to a (very) warm upstairs, she gets her food, and i go downstairs and get my raisin bran crunch.  at this point i grab my laptop, climb back under the covers, and enjoy my breakfast while reading all of your blogs.  

i give beu my leftover cereal milk, and that makes her day.  i go down to shower, on my way down i start the coffee, shower, and grab my coffee on the way back up to my room.  get ready, do a little reading, and head down for the day.  

so that's my typical lazy morning, they're about to look a lot different.  

what do your mornings look like?  


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Although I wish I were... I am NOT a morning person. What-so-ever. And neither is my child. Thank goodness :)

I wake at 7:30, get ready, at 8:15 I let the dog outside and I go and get Wes dressed and we hop in the car at 8:25 to get him to his destination for the day... and then I arrive at work at 9. He eats at his grandmas and I eat in the car. I wish I could mange to get up in time to have a nice breakfast... but it's yet to ever happen on a week day. Rinse, wash, repeat daily.

moody said...

raisin bran crunch! oh yeah!

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