Thursday, January 08, 2009

safe and sound.

new beginnings and our whole street is fine!!

after an intense 24 hours, we're back home.  nick, jess, and the kids are spending some more time up north, but will be home later today.  the musicks are back home, and i got the 'go ahead' to come home around 9 this morning.

so after doing some clean up in my little upstairs house, i'm going to shower and take it easy.  

some have asked where our girls were/where they went during all of this.  we only have one right now, who works in seattle during the day, so she just spent the night with a friend up there, and she is safe and dry as well.  

i think just about everyone in our immediate area is okay.  i only saw a small bit of flooding about a 1/2 mile away, so the prayers were answered.

after i blogged jokingly about evacuating yesterday, things escalated pretty quickly.  i talked with jess after seeing a press release from the city of puyallup, and told her it might be more serious than we thought.  at that point, i decided i would stay, and the connollys decided they would stay the night with friends.  the men felt we were all safe, but thought leaving might be a good precautionary choice.  but after an ominous phone call with the fire chief, miles, who had previously been very calm, ran into our house telling us the levee was about to break, and we had to leave now.  it all felt pretty apocalyptic for a minute.  

so, i headed out to find a cheap hotel that would allow pets, and jess waited for nick who was about 5 minutes away.  

so the whole thing happened in a little over an hour, from joking about it to being in a hotel.  the whole thing ended up being precautionary, and our house didn't flood at all, and even our fields are flooded too badly.  the rain stopped early early this morning, and i even caught a glimpse of the sun like 10 minutes ago.  the standing water on our street seems to be slowly backing down as well.  hopefully, we've seen the worst of it, and the river will have some time to go down before the rain starts again!

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Hi, I'm Amy! said...

If someone came into my house warning me that a leeve was going to break and I better get out quick... I think I'd freak! I'm so glad everyone is safe & sound! I live near a creek that floods bad during heavy rain and I've seen cars swept away and people rescued. That's not fun!

Also, I hope it doesn't creep you out that I read your blog. Since I don't know you personally and all... I love hearing what you ahve to say but I can try and stop if it makes you uncomfortable :)

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