Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a glimpse

of my dream kitchen

beat up old table

light to go over the dining table

cozy bowls

antique range

i'd never had a decent set of knives until i moved out here, i'm never going back.

a few mismatched patio chairs, for dining table


we have been coveting a food processor around these parts

really simple set of dishes

this is self-explanatory.

what are your favorite websites/stores/flea markets for design ideas?


Leigh said...

When I got my first apartment I found some really cool and affordable dishes at Urban Outfitters. Totally Random but they solid colors and I got two different colors to mix and match them. Not sure if they still have them or not but check it out!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I love to DREAM via the Pottery Barn & Williams-Sonoma catalogues and get ideas... and then go to the antique stores around here (there are LOTS)and do my own thing.

My mom got me a kitchen aid mixer for a wedding gift. I am in LOVE with it. When it's not in use I put wooden spoons, spatulas, etc. in it for decoration (and easy access... I'm low on drawer space).And I used all of my Williams-Sonomo gift cards to buy a 6 piece set of Le Cruset lime green cookware. My 2nd kitchen love.

Vibrant Violet said...

Sur La Table is right in your backyard. I think their website has tons of cool stuff.

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