Saturday, January 10, 2009

new year, new city. again.

a few days ago, i told you that i would be making the move back east this coming year.  

let me tell you a little more about this.  right around this time last year, i reconnected with jess, and we emailed about what new beginnings was and their need for a staff assistant.  last january, i was really still in full time recovery mode after leaving remuda about six months prior.  i had been gearing up to start back into life, and was not sure where it would lead.  

after several emails, and a few phone calls i moved out to washington in march.  i was never sure how long i would stay, but was open to this being a 'life move'.  life began here, and as march turned into april, i saw glory born, bonded with the girls, and watched them become moms, i witnessed my two roommates, jimmy and faythe marry in april, and in may, i was apart of my first childbirth experience.  

in months in between then and now, jared and maria came out, nick and jess went home, my parents came out, we had some TOUGH girls, we planned the world's best thanksgiving dinner, and i got to watch elias and glory grow, and i have had the chance to witness 2 of the best parents around.  

this has been the best year of my life.  growing, exciting, life-giving, awkward, enlightening, patience testing, and fun.  

the decision to move on has been hard, and even typing it now, it sort of feels like, "really, you're sure you want to do that?".  but i think my time here was not meant to be long term, and no, i haven't moved mountains in my time here at new beginnings, and yes, there are so many things i could do better.  but my initial email to jess said something like, "i mean, if you just need me to come out and fold some clothes for you, i'll do it."  and i think that is an accurate summation of this year.  i folded some clothes (metaphorically..Lord knows, i don't even fold my own).  

in march of this year, i will be loading up my stuff and my dog, and driving across the country to live in charlotte, north carolina.  another adventure:)


Jessi said...

if it would make you feel more accomplished... tonight is laundry night. :)

just kidding. Elias just pointed at the computer and yelled yaryar! You're ingrained forever in our hearts.

Jennie said...

Woo hoo! Let's be face to face friends!

Leigh said...

YAYAYAYAY! I would drive to Charlotte just to have a coffee date with you. totally the truth.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I think you should do a new city EVERY year! How exciting! I can imagine it being scary as well :) I'm in Western NC, near Asheville... if you ever need a vaca from the city! Moutnains are theraputic!

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