Monday, January 12, 2009

hope and action

now that you all know i am headed to charlotte, let's chat a little bit.  a lot of things will have to happen before i am able to load up the car, and head out.  right now, i am thinking my dad will take a one way flight out here, and drive back with me, which i think has the potential to be really fun.  and it will give us a chance to try out our navigating skills for when we're on the amazing race (25% kidding).  i'm thinking we can run laps at the rest stops, and make a meal from what you can find at a gas station, wait, i think that's top chef.  whatever, no matter what, it will be an experience, and there is actually no one else on earth that i'd rather drive across the country with me.  

so let's talk about what needs to happen before i move:
  • first priority is to find a job.
  • just as important, make strides to raise support for my transition time.  i could definitely use prayer for this point (without this none of these other things are possible).
  • once i know where i'm working, find an apartment.
  • after finding a place, i will have to gather up some furniture.  i had a ragtag collection of furnishings before i came out here, but they are now scattered to the four corners of the earth, and that is more than okay.  new start.  
  • on the home front, i really don't have a lot to do/pack here.  i only sent out two boxes when i moved here, so hopefully i can make this a very low maintenance packing job.  
  • my car is still in south carolina, under jared's watchful eye.  the current plan is to facilitate finding him a new (used) car out here in washington, driving it out for him, and then switching cars.  
okay, so now you know my list.  in the coming weeks, i will be asking your opinions about apartments, furniture, cars, and many other things.  buckle up, people.  i'm going to need you lurkers to come out of the shadows, and give some opinions.  because it's fun.  


Anonymous said... one else, huh.

Lauren said...

did i stutter?

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